Masters of Innovation

Innovation@Work 3.0 members have a unique opportunity to listen in on our candid conversations with some of today's top thinkers on innovation. The ability to be able to tap into this kind of tacit knowledge is priceless, especially when putting together an innovation strategy. This is your chance to learn from our ever-growing list of groundbreaking thought leaders.

The team behind Innovaton@Work 3.0 doesn't have all the answers; no one does.  That's why we spend time talking to our era's proven innovation superstars.

This growing catalog of interviews already contains names like...

Andrew B Hargadon Andrew B Hargadon
by Andrew B Hargadon
Barry Nalebuff Barry Nalebuff
by Barry Nalebuff
Carmine Gallo Carmine Gallo
by Carmine Gallo
David Meerman Scott David Meerman Scott
by David Meerman Scott
David Murray David Murray
by David Murray
John Seely Brown John Seely Brown
by John Seely Brown
Robert Sutton Robert Sutton
by Robert Sutton
Stephen M Shapiro Stephen M Shapiro
by Stephen M Shapiro