The Core Curriculum

Innovation is not just about generating ideas. And the best opportunities often lie beyond mere products and services. That's why the Innovation@Work 3.0 Core Curriculum consists of six state-of-the-art multi-media educational tracks, all on CDs, Workbooks, and online in the Members Area.

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Members Area

Innovation can come to the foreground anywhere at any time. For that reason, the entire Innovation@Work 3.0 program is available 24/7 in the on-line Members Area. So whether you need a worksheet to complete a task or you need to review the ground-breaking ideas in an important book, those resources are always as close as your laptop.

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Innovator’s Reference Library

Book Summaries

An ever-expanding electronic library of the greatest titles ever written on the subject of innovation. It provides instant access to the best ideas from the most respected minds in innovation. And it features super concise, forty-five minute audio versions of each best-seller for easy iPod listening.

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Masters of Innovation

Innovation@Work 3.0 members have a unique opportunity to listen in on our candid conversations with some of today's top thinkers on innovation. The ability to be able to tap into this kind of tacit knowledge is priceless, especially when putting together an innovation strategy. This is your chance to learn from our ever-growing list of groundbreaking thought leaders. The team behind...

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Innovation Research Archive

The really big ideas in innovation almost always show up first in the major journals. That's why the Innovation Research Archive is so useful. It feature research drawn from the most prestigious business journals, including Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Strategy + Business, and many others.

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