Members Area

Member's AreaInnovation can come to the foreground anywhere at any time. For that reason, the entire Innovation@Work 3.0 program is available 24/7 in the on-line Members Area. So whether you need a worksheet to complete a task or you need to review the ground-breaking ideas in an important book, those resources are always as close as your laptop.

Every member gets full access to the on-line Innovation@Work 3.0 Members Area. It includes:

  • The Innovator's Reference Library: A large and growing on-line library of "the greatest books ever written" for innovators.  These are the books you should have read, but didn't have time. It's the easiest way to capture the best ideas from the most respected minds like Clayton Christensen, Tom Kelly, Steve Jobs and Gary Hamel.
  • The Innovator's Research Archive: An ever-growing collection of landmark research drawn from the most prestigious business journals, including Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Strategy+Business, and many others.
  • The Masters of Innovation: Here, we go beyond the books and journal articles to get inside the heads of master innovators, like John Seely Brown (the legendary head of Xerox PARC) and David Murray (formerly Chief Innovation Officer at Intuit).
  • The Innovation Power Tools Center: As in every other aspect of business, IT is revolutionizing the innovation process. From Business Model Generation to Process Redesign, picking the right tools for the job can dramatically improve your performance. We identify the tools that work and [when available] provide access to the latest "trial versions."