Setting The Tone for Innovation

Setting the Tone for Innovation focuses on the 12 “best practices” that some call weird. However, it turns out that some of the most innovative companies are routinely using them.

Innovation@Work 3.0 Members have access to the following videos:


Why counter-intuitive ideas can help turn any workplace into one that is wildly creative.


The 12 counter-intuitive ideas discussed in this class will help facilitate the process of creative thinking.

LESSON 3: WEIRD IDEAS 1 & 2 (6:12)

Discussion on the value of hiring slow learners and people that makes you uncomfortable.

LESSON 4: WEIRD IDEAS 3 & 4 (4:51)

Discussion on the value of hiring people you probably don’t need and using job interviews to get ideas.

LESSON 5: WEIRD IDEAS 5 & 6 (6:20)

The value of sometimes embracing what are usually considered poor people skills.


LESSON 6: WEIRD IDEAS 7 & 8 (4:10)

The value of success and failure and the importance of doing something that will probably fail.


LESSON 7: WEIRD IDEAS 9 & 10 (4:03)

Why it can be important to think up impractical things to do; and why to avoid, distract, and bore.

LESSON 8: WEIRD IDEAS 11 & 12 (13:12)

The logic behind avoiding advice, and the importance of forgetting the past.