Breakthrough: How Great Companies Set Outrageous Objectives and Achieve Them
Bill Davidson

“Breakthrough” is a military term that refers to an offensive thrust that carries beyond a defensive line. In a general sense, it means a profound advance in technique or knowledge. It is also the bedrock of business success.

Great corporations-from Standard Oil to Amazon-take radical concepts or business models to breakthrough to unprecedented heights.

Bill Davidson, a former professor of management at the University of Southern California, was hired by IBM in the early 1990s to study how troubled companies position themselves for their next success cycle. Breakthrough is the result of his 10-year study of 70 breakthrough companies. Davidson proves that breakthrough doesn‘t just happen-it proceeds from innovative planning, rigorous preparation, and bold execution.

He demonstrates how transformational companies determine their competitive realities, define outrageous goals, and unify every part of their organization toward a common purpose. Periods of superior performance come to an end, unless further innovation and planning renew your position. If properly maintained, strategic focus will keep you on top of your market.

Our summary of Breakthrough will reveal practical, proven strategies for effective business innovation.