The Difference

What makes Innovation@Work 3.0 different from other programs?

Innovation@Work 3.0 helps you implement a proven, holistic, innovation process.

The objective of this process is to make innovation a standard operating procedure in your business, by helping you focus on the "Targets of Innovation" that exist in every business.

These "targets of innovation" are…

  • Business Model — New entrants and old rivals are using new business models to threaten incumbents, reshape industries, and redistribute profits. You can't stop it. But, you can choose to be the predator, not the prey. By helping you document and optimize your model, Innovaton@Work 3.0 multiplies your chances of successful business reinvention.
  • Products & Services — Learn how to invent products and services consistent with your business model. You'll also learn how to spot the turkeys faster, and minimize the financial risks of launching something new.
  • Business Processes — You'll learn how to optimize your cost structures, activities, partnerships and other resources. Again, within the context of your business model. This can create enormous advantages in terms of customer satisfaction and profitability.
  • Sales & Marketing — Here you'll learn how to innovate your way to the most profitable mix of customers, products, prices, distribution channels, and promotions.

Innovation@Work's secret weapon…

  • The Strategic Assessment — It ensures that you prioritize and execute innovations across the four targets of innovation in such a way as to take advantage of the competitive forces shaping your industry. Creativity does you no good if it lacks synergy with your business strategy.

Because the execution is the key to making any innovation effort a success, the educational track for each target of innovation …

  • Helps you identify which innovations offer the best risk-adjusted ROI and shows how to roll them out successfully
  • will support you through the full cycle of innovation. In fact, it will show you how to deploy your ideas faster and more safely than many experts can

It is like having experts available 24/7, only much, much better because, now, the power will be in your hands to use, every day.