Strategic Assessment Module

Strategic Assessment Module

We’ll explore the data collection and organization techniques you’ll use to assemble what we refer to as a Holistic 4-Dimensional Strategic Perspective for your business.  Then we’ll help prepare you to create game-changing innovations within that context.

Why do you need a Holistic 4-Dimensional Strategic Perspective? Imagine a pilot taking off from an unidentified airport on a foggy night with no GPS, no radio, and no maps.  His plane is in tip-top shape with plenty of fuel, he has a compass, an airspeed indicator, and an altimeter. He can look out the windows for a possible glimpse of lighted landmarks.  In short, he knows which way he’s going, how fast, and how high.  But he has only a vague idea of the terrain, the weather, and even his route of flight.  So, his chances of getting to his destination are slim to none.  And, his chances of even landing safely aren’t great. — That’s pretty much the situation a manager or entrepreneur finds himself in without an understanding of the strategic environment.

The Holistic 4-Dimensional Strategic Perspective might be thought of as a GPS-based navigation system with integrated satellite weather. It doesn’t do the pilot’s work for him:  It doesn’t replace the instruments that tell him about the operation of the plane.  It doesn’t replace the controls he needs to make adjustments in flight.  He still needs to listen for radio instructions from air traffic control, and he still needs to scan the sky for other aircraft.  But, now the pilot knows that he is on course for the right destination, how high above the terrain he’s flying, and what the weather ahead will be.

Most of us are better off than that ill-equipped pilot.  We typically have the business equivalent of a set of out-of-date regional maps and we have a working radio.  So, we’re able to make our regular trip from airport A to airport B without too much risk.

But what happens when we’re asked to innovate; i.e.:

  • to reposition our brands?
  • to reinvent our processes?
  • to create a new value proposition?
  • to formulate a whole new business model?

The implications are like asking that pilot to divert to an airport in another country where he’s never flown.  And that’s when you’re glad you took the time to construct your Holistic 4-Dimensional Strategic Perspective, the innovators equivalent of the pilot’s GPS-based navigation system.