FutureThink: How to Think Clearly in a Time of Change
Edie Weiner and Arnold Brown

Now, more than ever, it’s important to see what’s really happening around you -- so that you can anticipate waves of change and then ride them to unprecedented success.

But in order to understand the present and manage the future, you’ll first need to overcome the personal and institutional biases that can keep you from seeing clearly.

In FutureThink, by Edie Weiner and Arnold Brown, you’ll learn how to predict what’s likely to lie ahead by using several principles and techniques, including:

  1. Overcoming the mental traps that keep executives from understanding and managing change;
  2. Unlocking the hidden patterns of change;
  3. Finding metaphors that will allow your mind to function creatively and powerfully;
  4. Harnessing evolution to make better business decisions;
  5. Capitalizing on the power of the lowest common denominator; and
  6. Learning how to use demographics to understand future customer needs.

Weiner is president of Weiner Edrich Brown, Inc., a leading futurist consultancy, and Brown is chairman of the same company. Their previous books include Supermanaging, Office Biology, and Insider’s Guide to the Future. In this summary, you’ll discover several proven mental paths to insight and foresight.